Lost for words?

Writing can be a tricky thing when you need results.  There’s so much you can say (but what should you?).  And how?  What will trigger the desired outcome; hit the mark?

Get yourself a good copywriter!  When it really matters, there’s no target that clear, bright, persuasive words can’t bullseye.

OnPoint Copy is all about that. Writing successfully for stock-market bigwigs, business start-ups, students and just about everyone else, we can find the words for you, too.

In short, we’ll show you:-

  • lively, engaging, results-driven copy
  • a clear grasp of your brand or background
  • 15 years’ experience in corporate PR and diverse freelance work
  • great, responsive service
  • and many happy returns (clients, that is)

Go on, ‘bling’ yourself a bit of copywriting magic…

On time, on budget, OnPoint

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