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At OnPoint we write copy that helps our customers achieve things.  Don’t just take our word for it though!  Take theirs…

OnPoint was pivotal in the successful launch of PHAB Standard into the hair, nail and beauty industries.  My big issue was differentiating its new, customer-service focus from the technical proficiency standards which already existed.  Kathy got a handle on this straight away, and was clear and direct with the detail in our marketing material.  I would definitely recommend her to other new business start-ups.  Less a copywriter, more a co-pilot on the launch-pad.  Nergish Wadia-Austin, Chief Executive, PHAB Standard Ltd

As editor of our company magazine, Kathy was skilled at making important company developments accessible and clearly understood at every level in the organisation.  Her bouncy copy and apt, amusing headlines made it a good read!  Staff genuinely looked forward to publication day.” Andrew Johnston, Group Head of Marketing, PHS Group, 2010-2014

After lens-exchange surgery at a private eye clinic went wrong for me, I had real difficulty getting the procedure reversed without additional cost.  Even when consultation with another specialist showed that the original procedure was ill-advised, given my optical history.  Kathy expressed these concerns professionally and assertively, in a letter to the clinic’s CEO, who then agreed to finance the reverse procedure.  This was a huge relief, as I couldn’t have paid for it all over again (and Kathy’s fee was a drop in the ocean, by comparison).  I’m really grateful to her.  Genny Horfield, East Moseley

Kathy built strong relationships with editors and agencies during my time at PHS, resulting in extensive brand-building coverage in our key trade media.  As a press writer she demonstrated great skill in pitching tone to achieve the objectives in hand and really pushed our communications forward.  Stuart Price, Marketing Director, PHS Group, 2002-2010.

On my CV, I wasn’t sure how to make my part-time experience working in hotels sound relevant and helpful for my chosen career as a beautician. I didn’t really know how to write a professional CV either, as this was my first real push into the job market.  Kathy helped me see that good customer-facing skills are valuable and relevant in lots of industries, including beauty.  We organised all my training and experience into a good structure, and the new CV helped me get my first job almost straight away.  Annabel Morgan, Beautician, Surrey

Our website evolves all the time, with content growing rapidly alongside our developing business.  So we wanted a copywriter who’d commit to working with us in the long term, maintaining tone of voice and responding quickly to new commissions.  I think OnPoint delivers that service really well; they’ve always been there when we’ve needed them and their copy’s bright and succinct.   Nergish Wadia-Austin, Chief Executive, PHAB Standard Ltd

Applying for postgraduate teacher training made me feel like a rabbit in headlights, with all the UCAS form filling and having to write a convincing personal statement.  To compound things, my final year studies at Newcastle were at their most intense and I was after Russell Group universities for the PGCE, including Oxford.  Kathy calmed me down and helped me approach everything systematically. We studied course selection criteria in detail and matched that carefully with what I offered, so I came across well in the finished statement.  It worked anyway, because I got interviews and offers at 3 universities including the one I really wanted, which I have accepted.  Thanks Kath!  Jack Audley, student, Newcastle

My son fell a few marks short of the pass boundary after sitting our local grammar school’s entrance exam and was put on the waiting list.  I was so sure he’d be happy there, and because those lists don’t always move much, I decided to appeal.  Kathy navigated us through the process, learning everything she could about the school and what made him a strong candidate. She then wrote a case that won my son one of two places allowed, that year, out of 42 appeals.  He’s now really happy and thriving there. I can’t thank her enough.  Kate Woodrow, parent, Kingston-upon-Thames

In the final year of my Maths degree I had just finished writing up my dissertation project, investigating sample-size recalculation in clinical trials.  I’d written all the sections anyway, but this was a complicated topic needing clear presentation and it just wasn’t coming across as it needed to.  I was afraid I’d undersell myself and I’d worked really hard on it. Kathy grasped the material really quickly (for a non-mathematician!) and we reworked it together, so my reasoning came across clearly and the finished dissertation flowed properly and was logical and convincing.  Anyway, I got a first for it, so I’d definitely recommend her.  Issy Horton, graduate, Newcastle

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