Snappy Stuff (creative)

At OnPoint we love this bit…

Headlines, straplines, catch phrases, names; they’re the icing on the cake for copywriting creatives.  Make our day, let us tease out the very essence of what you want to say and pinpoint your proposition in a snappy sound-bite.  Bright and shiny and sharp as a tack.

We can make people sit up and look, raise an eyebrow, tickle a funny-bone or build your brand, whatever you need.  And infuse the personality of your organisation through every word.

Here are a few samples from our portfolio:-

Tasty Clusters

Headline for a staff newsletter article, reporting success with cluster-selling as a sales strategy.

Oink (and surviving it)

Staff newsletter headline, for an article describing the organisation’s Pandemic Response Plan, in anticipation of the threatened UK Swine Flu outbreak.

Caring Challenging Living Growing

Strapline for Christ Church, East Sheen, encapsulating the day to day relevance and benefit of the Church to its local community.

Loop de Loo

Headline for an article reporting the benefits of a ‘closed-loop’ recycling service that turns office waste paper into toilet roll.


Acronym for the renowned customer service standard, with full company name being Performance in Hair and Beauty. We nudged it away from the proposed PIHAB, enabling the more meaningful and exciting pronunciation Fab.

Project Apple (Ripening Nicely)

Article reporting good progress in Project Apple, a company’s 3 year growth strategy.

And (wait for it)…

The Ultimate Blow-Job

OK, so we thought the better of this strapline for a new warm air hand dryer; but it does show you how we like to think outside the box!

On time, on budget, OnPoint