Education in the UK is an uneven playing field.  So parents often face the dilemma of choice and, regrettably, competition for preferred school, college and university places.

Applications and appeals are tricky things to compose, but we can help…

If your child has the credentials, we’ll help you tease them out, one by one, match them to school specification and present them super-persuasively, giving you the very best chance of securing your place.

Trust us, we share your concerns (we have children too).  We’re very experienced at the written bits of educational process; we always do our homework, and we get results.

Use OnPoint for school applications, admissions appeals, student CVs, improving personal statements and more.  And check our Students pages for what we can do for your ‘fledged’ (kids at Uni).

Chatting through your concerns costs nothing, and our rates are geared to the needs of families.

“My son fell a few marks short of the pass boundary after sitting our local grammar school’s entrance exam and was put on the waiting list.  I was so sure he’d be happy there, and because those lists don’t always move much, I decided to appeal.  Kathy navigated us through the process, learning everything she could about the school and what made him a strong candidate. She then wrote a case that won my son one of two places allowed, that year, out of 42 appeals.  He’s now really happy and thriving there. I can’t thank her enough.”  Kate Woodrow, parent, Kingston-upon-Thames

On time, on budget, OnPoint