Words for Business

Business is about the bottom line. And the right words, on time and in the right place (for the people who count) will stick a rocket up it.  Well that’s what we do…

With a clear understanding of your brand and its values, we’ll examine who you’re talking to and why:-

  • Is it staff or customers?  Shareholders or local community? External or internal communications, or both?
  • Are you boosting sales or opening a branch? Entering a new market or cross-selling? Launching a brand identity or managing change through a crisis?
  • What do you want people to do? Buy things? Invest? Change opinion? Embrace a new system? Keep the faith?

Whatever the picture, we can help.  We’ll clarify your tone of voice and craft clear, concise messages that will engage and excite your audience, gently (but firmly) nudging them towards the response you’re after.

Choose from:-

“Kathy was skilled at making important company developments accessible and clearly understood at every level in the organisation.” Andrew Johnston, Group Head of Marketing, PHS Group, 2010-2014

On time, on budget, OnPoint


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