Websites & Blogs

The internet is cluttered with competition; rival propositions just a click or two away.  To compete, a website must get to the point and engage visitors, fast.

We’ll make your web copy clear, bright and super-sticky.  Crisp, relevant, bite-sized paragraphs and snappy, message-rich headlines and standouts.  Key words in all the right places (so your skim-readers get the point).  Copy that clicks with your target audience, because we learned what matters.

Web copy is a layer-cake, of course; the full story emerging as you browse page links. We’ll liaise with your web designer to connect copy, visuals and page sequencing into the ultimate, user-friendly experience.  And coax the response you’re after.

We can write your news and blog posts, too.  Feed us your stories or point us to source, and watch your page hits grow (along with your reputation).

“Our website evolves all the time, with content growing rapidly alongside our developing business.  So we wanted a copywriter who’d commit to working with us in the long term, maintaining tone of voice and responding quickly to new commissions.  I think OnPoint delivers that service really well; they’ve always been there when we’ve needed them and their copy’s bright and succinct.”   Nergish Wadia-Austin, Chief Executive, PHAB Standard Ltd

On time, on budget, OnPoint