Sales & Marketing

At OnPoint we’ve 15 years’ experience in writing crisp, effective copy that’s helped our clients sell everything from sanitary disposal to spa packages.

Leaflets, websites, adverts, brochures, catalogues and sales support materials – in print or online – the heart of great sales copy transcends changing media:-

  • Grabbing attention (with an ace of a headline, wherever possible)
  • Holding it fast, with crisply delivered facts, features and benefits of genuine appeal and persuasively ordered
  • Coaxing the reader, gently but firmly, to action

Sales copy is, of course, the ‘yin’ to your page layout ‘yang’.  We’ll happily liaise with your web or graphic designer, fine-tuning word count and copy emphases, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum impact.

“OnPoint was pivotal in the successful launch of PHAB Standard into the hair, nail and beauty industries.  My big issue was differentiating its new, customer-service focus from the technical proficiency standards which already existed.  Kathy got a handle on this straight away, and was clear and direct with the detail in our marketing material.  I would definitely recommend her to other new business start-ups.  Less a copywriter, more a co-pilot on the launch-pad.”  Nergish Wadia-Austin, Chief Executive, PHAB Standard Ltd

On time, on budget, OnPoint