Polishing that prose

Make no mistake, OnPoint is not in the business of writing students’ critical reports, essays and dissertations for them! That would be immoral and surely fattening.

But if you’ve written something that feels a bit flabby, lacklustre and really isn’t communicating all your hard graft as well as it should, then ‘come to Mama…’

We’ll help you get a firm grip on where the problem lies.  Then we’ll help you refine and polish your script, until every point you make is razor sharp and clearly and concisely demonstrates your thinking and achievements, to get you the grade you deserve.

And we don’t cost the earth, either.

“In the final year of my Maths degree I had just finished writing up my dissertation project, investigating sample-size recalculation in clinical trials.  I’d written all the sections anyway, but this was a complicated topic needing clear presentation and it just wasn’t coming across as it needed to.  I was afraid I’d undersell myself and I’d worked really hard on it. Kathy grasped the material really quickly (for a non-mathematician!) and we reworked it together, so my reasoning came across clearly and the finished dissertation flowed properly and was logical and convincing.  Anyway, I got a first for it, so I’d definitely recommend her.”  Issy Horton, graduate, Newcastle

On time, on budget, OnPoint