Applications (Postgraduate courses/work placements)

Postgraduate courses lob truckloads of information at you about the qualifications, experience and characteristics required for successful application. So applying should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Well, yes and no…

If you’re struggling with this, OnPoint can help.  We’ll match what they want with what you’ve got, honestly, concisely and persuasively.  If you’ve got it, we can help you organise your thoughts and help get you in.

Careers aren’t only built on degrees, of course.  Prove your credentials in the real world, with a career-focused vacation work placement or internship!  As the best of these can be as tricky to nail as a postgraduate degree, we can help here too.

In fact we’ve done lots of this, and our students get results.  So get in touch!

“Applying for postgraduate teacher training made me feel like a rabbit in headlights, with all the UCAS form filling and having to write a convincing personal statement.  To compound things, my final year studies at Newcastle were at their most intense and I was after Russell Group universities for the PGCE, including Oxford.  Kathy calmed me down and helped me approach everything systematically. We studied course selection criteria in detail and matched that carefully with what I offered, so I came across well in the finished statement.  It worked anyway, because I got interviews and offers at 3 universities including the one I really wanted, which I have accepted.  Thanks Kath!”  Jack Audley, student, Newcastle

On time, on budget, OnPoint