Engaging Staff

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” Richard Branson

Yes, and it doesn’t stop at salaries and conditions.  Staff know they count when they’re kept in the loop.  Engage fully when they’re part of the dialogue on organisational plans and developments, and when all the great things they do are recognised and celebrated.

That means strong, regular internal communication – in print or via the company intranet.  We can write that for you…

OnPoint has 15 years’ experience in copywriting for staff: creating communications that inform, inspire, rally the troops and (let’s not forget this bit) also entertain. We’ve established editorial policy and commissioned, written and edited bulletins and newsletters.  And we’ve helped engage and unite staff behind company changes, fostering loyalty and a sense of corporate culture.

What will we do for yours?

“As editor of our company magazine, Kathy was skilled at making important company developments accessible and clearly understood at every level in the organisation.  Her bouncy copy and apt, amusing headlines made it a good read!  Staff genuinely looked forward to publication day.” Andrew Johnston, Group Head of Marketing, PHS Group, 2010-2014

On time, on budget, OnPoint