We all spend money.  But what if we don’t get what we pay for?  Or we’re charged for something we didn’t want?

Pennies and we’ll probably shrug it off; more and we might want to do something about it. And that can mean making a case in writing…

At OnPoint we know how to appeal assertively (without offence, but with results) and we’ve helped disgruntled consumers recoup significant losses, including:-

  • Waived penalties
  • Corrective surgery; originally contested and then undertaken privately without charge.

Not something you’ve bought, but something that’s happened?

From phrasing a response in writing to scripting what to say in person, we can help.  For example:-

  • Communicating the unexpected content of a Will, sensitively, to extended family.
  • Scripting assertive presentation of a patient’s case, to a medical board.

Get in touch.  We don’t charge for preliminary chats, carried out in complete confidence.  And our rates are geared to the needs of private households.

“After lens-exchange surgery at a private eye clinic went wrong for me, I had real difficulty getting the procedure reversed without additional cost.  Even when consultation with another specialist showed that the original procedure was ill-advised, given my optical history.  Kathy expressed these concerns professionally and assertively, in a letter to the clinic’s CEO, who then agreed to finance the reverse procedure.  This was a huge relief, as I couldn’t have paid for it all over again (and Kathy’s fee was a drop in the ocean, by comparison).  I’m really grateful to her.”  Genny Horfield, East Moseley

On time, on budget, OnPoint